Real Estate Press Releases and Podcasts

As impacts from local, regional, national and global events on the housing market continue to unfold, our real estate experts at FAU Business share their knowledge, expertise and research in the articles below. 


2021 Press Releases and Podcasts

Waterfront Florida homes

Study Shows Florida Homes Overpriced by More Than 20 Percent

By | 07/22/2021

Florida homes keep fetching more money than they’re worth, a disturbing development that eventually could put buyers in a bind, according to researchers at Florida Atlantic University and Florida International University.

Median home prices illustration

Podcast: Why Median Home Prices Are Misleading

By | 07/06/2021

FAU's Ken H. Johnson and Paul Owers discuss the use of median sales prices in determining housing market trends.

Homes in neighborhood

Overpriced Florida Homes Spark Fears of Market Instability

By | 06/29/2021

Florida housing markets remain plagued by rampant overpricing, putting potential buyers at such a disadvantage that they may be better off postponing homeownership, according to researchers at FAU and FIU.





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