Certified Medical Business Management


A patient's first impression of his or her physician can be made within the first few minutes of entering the medical office. Medical care today is undeniably a team effort, and no physician can successfully complete the continuum of care alone; communication, cooperation, and coordination of the medical office staff are vital to effective patient care and practice success.

Program Objectives

Florida Atlantic University’s Certified Medical Business Management (CMBM) program is a three-module, comprehensive, specialized business program for medical industry professionals which focuses on the skills, tools and characteristics needed to manage a successful medical business or practice.


Yvette Evans

Fire Fighter

Tamarac Fire Department

"I am always looking to learn more about the medical side in a medical office or hospital. The information provided in class will be utilized in the near future after I retire or in a medical office facility. I am hoping our fire department can process medical claims in-house without outsourcing to other companies."

Latoya M. Anderson

The Foundation for Sicle Cell Disease Research

"I am working towards becoming a compliance officer and office manager for the clinic. This course provided me with the insight I need to apply practical knowledge to all area of the practice."

Danielle Spence

Roig Lawyers

"This will help me pursue a new career and add to my resume. I have found learning about coding to be very informative and now necessary for my next step in my professional life."


FAU_M_090_CMBM-Main-Image.jpgAnatomy, Terminology, Billing and Coding

The language of anatomy and physiology, the foundations for billing and coding, performing basic medical billing functions, and preparing medical claims forms - information essential to every practitioner and medical office professional - are explored in this module.

For-PDU-Benefits-205FAU_A-052.jpgLegal, Regulatory and Compliance Practices

The nuances of medical-specific legal, regulatory, and compliance practices are covered in-depth in this module.

045FAU_L-031_For-PDU-Main-Funnel-Page-Image-4.jpgOffice Operations

Customer service, office operations, financials and human resource management from the unique perspective of a medical practice are covered in-depth in this module.

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