Hospitality & Tourism Industry Essentials – Ideal Candidate


Anyone interested in the hospitality and tourism industry will benefit from this certificate!

Whether you are working part-time, onboarding as the newest restaurant or hotel hire, leading large online travel agencies, or marketing for theme parks, you will learn from insightful conversations with world-class industry leaders from across the spectrum of hospitality and tourism areas.

Our thousands of certificate graduates and current participants represent every hospitality industry segment as well as interested newcomers:

  • Hourly tourism and hospitality associates who desire to learn and have a goal of moving onward and upward in the industry

  • Supervisors who want broad-based knowledge outside of their specific areas of the industry – a key component to being a leader or future owner

  • Owners and operators of hospitality and tourism businesses who are outstanding entrepreneurs, yet want to learn more about the specific language of the industry

  • Seasoned hospitality and tourism veterans who rose up through the ranks without formal college study

  • Individuals who are contemplating whether the travel, tourism, and hospitality industry is the right career match

  • Interested individuals who may be contemplating the pursuit of a BBA or MBA degree in hospitality and tourism and want to make sure the content is “on track” with their expectations


Industry segments of our past participants:

  • Auto Rental

  • Casino

  • Theme Park

  • Travel Advisor/Travel Agent

  • Online Travel Agency

  • Business Travel Consortium

  • Hotel, Resort, Bed and Breakfast

  • Airbnb/ Shared Lodging Facilities

  • Restaurants

  • Catering Companies

  • Convention/Conference Centers

  • Cruise Lines

  • Sightseeing Companies

  • Adventure Travel Companies

  • Suppliers to Large Conventions: Floral, Lighting, Décor

  • Tradeshow Booth Manufacturer

  • DJs and Entertainment-related

  • Event Marketing/Planning


Program Details

  • Format: Online
  • Dates: Mar. 11 – May 3, 2024 (completion due by 11:59pm ET May 3)
  • Time: Users may view any time throughout program duration
  • Hours: 30 Hours / 3.0 CEUs
  • Fee: $199.00
  • Location: Online

*Participants must be 18 years or older to register.



Hospitality & Tourism Industry Essentials

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