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Overview of Career Outlook

Our MSITM Graduates

  • Our MIS graduates are among the most versatile and mobile professionals, transferrable among industries and locations.
  • Graduates of our MIS program have been placed in some of the top technology firms in the country including Microsoft, Citrix, and Office Depot
  • To see the recent job placement of our MSITM graduates, visit the  "Where are they now?" page
  • To learn more about our MSITM graduates and here their success stories, visit the "Our Graduates" page

Exciting Statistics

  • The demand for university graduates with skills in information technology and business remains strong. The inter-disciplinary nature of the program and more recent trends suggest a larger, global market with many opportunities for career growth and development for MSITM graduates.
  • Several reputable sources predict substantial growth and compensation for employees with these skills. The MSITM program at FAU addresses this urgent need for university educated individuals.
    • Graduates with an MS in IT Degree had an Average Base Salary of $88,000 a year (Payscale)
    • Projected national employment growth of 15% for “computer and information systems managers” to 2024 Bureau of Labor Statistics
    • The “computer systems design and related services” industry is expected to grow 36% to 2024 Bureau of Labor Statistics
    • In 2020, the median annual pay for “computer and information systems managers” was $151,000 ($72 per hour) Bureau of Labor Statistics
    • In 2021, IT Managers were ranked #13 in the best paying jobs by US News and World Report
    • In 2021, the average salary for an Information Technology (IT) Manager was $88,768 by 

Career Opportunities for MSITM Graduates

Career ladder

  • Job Titles

    • MSITM graduates can expect to pursue jobs with the following titles, depending on years of experience:

      • Executive Positions:

        • Chief Information Officer (CIO)
        • Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
        • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
        • Knowledge Management Officer
      • Management Positions:

        • Information Systems/Information Technology Director/Manager
        • Information Security Manager
        • Network and Computer Systems Manager
        • Computer and Software Marketing Manager
        • Business Processes Engineering Manager
        • System Integration Manager
        • Enterprise Systems Manager
        • ERP Manager
        • Global Sourcing Director/Manager
        • E-Commerce Manager
        • Help Desk/Support Systems Manager
  • Typical Job Responsibilities

    • Common responsibilities of these computer and information systems managers include the following, and will vary by the size of the company where the individual works:

      • Overseeing the hardware and software investments companies make
      • Overseeing the corporate network system and contracts with telecommunication utilities
      • Working with corporate executives to ensure that investments match corporate strategies
      • Overseeing the development of software written within companies
      • Establishing and monitoring the service level agreements (i.e., contracts) for outsourced IT services
      • Managing the implementation of new systems
      • Overseeing the training of employees who use the new systems
      • Managing IT personnel
  • Personal Attributes and Skills

    • To be successful as a computer and information system manager, an MSITM graduate should possess these personal attributes and skills:

      • Creativity and innovation
      • Enthusiasm and energy
      • Intellectual curiosity
      • Passion for learning
      • Flexibility
      • Problem solving
      • Willingness to do what it takes
      • Communication
      • Collaboration
      • Leadership


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