Course Information


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Overview of Course Information 

Required Courses:

  • ITOM Courses (select two from the list, one of which must be MAN 6596)
    • MAN 6501 - Operations Management
    • MAN 6581 - Project Management
    • MAN 6596 - Supply Chain Management
  • CEGE Courses (select two from the list)
    • TTE 6501 - Transportation System Analysis
    • TTE 6507 - Transportation and Supply Chain Systems
    • TTE 6508 - Maritime Freight Operations

Technology Tools Used

  • Interested in learning more about the tools/software/programs we use?
  • Check out our Course Tool List Document to view a list of all the tools/software/programs we use in our MIS Courses

Course Spotlight Videos

  • Interested in learning more about a specific Management Information Systems & Operations Management Course?
  • Check out our course spotlight videos page and get an inside look into what goes on in each of our courses 

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