Executive MBA (EMBA) in International Business

An International Business specialization prepares students to succeed in the fast-paced global landscape whether working in positions in the U.S. that require international expertise, in expatriate assignments with globally established corporations, or in short-term international consulting jobs. This specialization offers a variety of topics for students to choose from:

  • Develop a global business operations perspective
  • Identify management issues, risks and opportunities in emerging environments
  • Handle international mergers and acquisitions
  • Work with IT service providers and infrastructures
  • Knowledge of the international monetary system and stabilization policies in open economies
  • Understand multinational finance
  • Incorporate global marketing strategies
  • Assess and develop leadership
  • Learn cross-cultural management

The optional international field study abroad course offers students a global business immersion experience where they can observe and explore firsthand the conditions and challenges U.S. organizations navigate when operating internationally.

Students who choose the International Business specialization select courses from the list below, or other approved Special Topics courses to fulfill the 12 credit (4 course) elective requirement. Elective course offerings vary by semester. Courses may be offered online or on-campus.

*Certain specializations may vary in cost and schedule from the enrolled program (e.g. some specializations may be only available online or require class attendance outside of the regularly scheduled program times, such as on the weekends).

International Business Operations (MAN 6614)

Introduces the institutions, activities, and problems involved in conducting international business. Addresses international issues in each of the functional areas.

Managing Effectively in Emerging Markets (MAN 6728)

Examines management issues and approaches to handling opportunities and risks in the major emerging markets.

Mergers and Acquisitions (MAN 6931)

Provides an introduction and an overview of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and other restructuring activities. Topics covered include M&A environment, regulatory environment, corporate takeover market, M&A valuation and modeling, alternative business and restructuring strategies and financing M&A deals.

Global Tech Sourcing Management (ISM 6509)

Assists students in developing the knowledge and skills needed to work with IT service providers and processes. IT focuses on the concepts and methods associated with designing, planning, and contracting for IT infrastructure and applications.

Advanced Monetary Economics (ECO 6716)

Discusses in-depth the balance of payments, exchange rates and the international monetary system and stabilization policies in open economies. Emphasis on the integrated analysis of modern international finance and open-economy macroeconomics. It also presents a broad overview of exchange rate, markets and policy, monetary policy, economic integration, currency unions, and global financial crises. The connection between Fed and ECB policies and economic growth is emphasized, with a focus on emerging and developing economies.

Multinational Finance (FIN 6605)

Discusses financial management for international companies. Sources of funds, capital structure, investment strategies, monetary exchange problems and governmental constraints on firms operating in more than one nation are discussed.

Global Marketing (MAR 6158)

Emphasizes applied research and analysis, the Internet, and economic geography and addresses elements of global marketing strategy such as prices, distribution, and promotion and the implementation of such.

Global Leadership Assessment and Development (MAN 6899)

Employs reviews of publications on leadership, self-leadership and career development to understand requirements for leadership and career planning that may be global in scope. Rigorous leadership, career assessment, coaching and mentoring opportunities are provided to help students understand and develop leadership potential and develop a five-year career plan.

Cross Cultural Management (MAN 6609)

Discusses national culture as it affects social processes and human resource practices in international businesses. Addresses international issues in overseas workforce management, expatriate management, and negotiation.

International Field Study Tour (GEB 6957)

Combines intensive study of selected foreign nations with travel abroad to observe and investigate firsthand the political, economic and administrative conditions encountered by American firms in foreign countries. Briefings by business firms, universities, government agencies. Requires student to travel abroad as part of requirement for the course.

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