Deadlines to Declare a Major

FAU Policy per the University Catalog on Major Declaration and Upper-Division Status

Students must be admitted to a major (other than Pre-Business) no later than the semester when they earn 60 credits (classification as a junior). A registration hold will prohibit enrollment beyond this threshold.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is pre-business?
    • Admission to FAU does not guarantee admission to any specific major. All prospective business majors are admitted to FAU as “Pre-Business” (except Data Science). Students who have completed the requirements to declare can declare their major with a business advisor. 
  • What happens if I do not declare my major by the time I have 60 credits earned?
    • You may be required to choose a different FAU major outside the College of Business, but speak to your advisor to find out what options you may have. 
  • I have a must declare major (RB) hold on my account; what should I do?
    • Speak with your academic advisor.  If you are eligible to declare your major, your advisor will assist you with this, usually via an appointment or virtual drop-in meeting. If you are not officially eligible to declare but are on track with your academic plan, your advisor may be able to assist you with your hold and registration for the upcoming term. 
  • I am a new transfer to FAU and have more than 60 credits earned, but cannot yet declare a major. What are my options?
    • We highly recommend that all prospective transfer students who plan to start at FAU with 60 or more credits earned complete all pre-business requirements before transferring. If you attend a Florida public college or university, we also highly recommend you complete an Associate in Arts (AA) degree before transferring.
    • If you transfer with pre-requisites missing, your business advisor will evaluate your file during your first advising meeting and discuss the deadlines to declare your major.