Are you close to completing your bachelor's degree?  Congratulations! 

To earn your bachelor's degree, you will need to:

  1. Have a graduation audit completed with an academic advisor.
  2. Request application for degree pre-approval from an academic advisor.
  3. Complete an electronic application for degree.
  4. Optional:  participate in the commencement ceremony.

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Graduation Audit

Application for Degree Preapproval

Electronic Application for Degree Form

Graduation and Commencement




Graduation Audit 

A graduation audit is required when you are close to completing your degree and summarizes your remaining requirements into a one-page document. It is not the same as your degree audit report (DARS) which lists all requirements including those you have already fulfilled.

When to Request Your Graduation Audit:  You can request an audit any time you have 36 or fewer credits (including in progress courses) remaining to graduate. It is recommended you request one before registration begins for your final semester.

How to Request Your Graduation Audit:  An academic advisor can complete your audit during a scheduled appointment and clarify any questions you have about remaining requirements.  Audits are not typically done during virtual drop-ins. 


Application for Degree Preapproval

Before you can apply to graduate, you must meet with an academic advisor for preapproval.

When to Request AFD Preapproval:  The meeting should take place at the end of the semester before you plan to graduate but no later than the third week of your final semester. 

How to Request AFD Preapproval:  Schedule an appointment with an advisor or sign in for a virtual drop-in. Your advisor will take a final look at your degree audit, make sure a graduation audit is on file, and confirm your degree type and major (as well as minor and/or certificate if applicable). If you are eligible to apply for graduation, a notation will be made on your record. If you have not yet had a graduation audit, a scheduled appointment is recommended for AFD preapproval.


Electronic Application for Degree Form

How to Submit Your Application for Degree:  Submit the electronic form found at the link below.

IMPORTANT: If you have not had an AFD preapproval meeting with an advisor, your electronic form will not be approved.

When to Submit Your Application for Degree: Immediately after your AFD preapproval meeting but no later than the end of the third week of the term in which you plan to graduate.  The exact deadline is posted on the university calendar

Application for Degree


Certificates: Students pursuing certificates can also find the Application for Certificate at the link above.  This should be submitted at the same time as your application for degree.


Graduation and Commencement

All other information about graduation and the commencement ceremony can be found on the registrar's website.

FAU Graduation Information

FAU Commencement Information