Business Mentor Program

About the Program

The FAU Business Mentoring Program is designed to bring together students and business professionals that share common professional interests. This mentoring relationship will enable business students to be better equipped as they explore varied career paths and assist them as they navigate those early years of professional life. The mentor will benefit from encouraging and challenging their mentee to think about their future and prepare for professional life. 


Business Mentor Program Doctrine

  • The mentoring relationship spans the fall and spring semester each year, or longer if participants mutually agree. 
  • Mentors are expected to devote quality time to their mentee each month – four to six hours per month; whether in person, online, or by phone.
  • Mentees should be challenged to think about their future and be better equipped to meet the challenges of professional life.
  • Emphasis should be placed on but not be limited to the following soft skills: Interviewing, Networking, Effective Oral and Written Communications, Critical/Analytical Thinking, Complex Problem Solving, Being Innovative, Diversity & Inclusion, Locating/Organizing/Evaluating Information, and Ethical Judgement.
  • A Partnership Agreement must be established at the outset of the mentoring relationship.  The mentee is responsible for determining which skills they wish to develop with the benefit of support and guidance from their mentor. 
  • The Partnership Agreement should be used to establish attainable goals for the mentee to reach over the course of mentoring relationship.
  • Progress should be measured periodically with mid-course corrections being pursued if necessary. 


Getting Involved

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Roleithia Perry
Shante Lloyd
Hoang Nguyen
Ryan Vance
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Business Mentor Program

Michael J. Thomas, Business Mentor Coach/Executive In Residence
p: (561) 297-3676
office: Fleming West 101