Frequently Asked Questions


How many COB scholarships can I apply for?

You may apply for an unlimited number of COB scholarships. If a specific scholarship requires additional documentation (see description/requirements section) it is the responsibility of the student to submit the necessary documentation with their application.

Can I submit one application to be considered for multiple scholarships?

Yes! Schoalrship Universe will allow you to use the same application for numerous applicable scholarships. If you choose to do this, please be sure to refrain from notating the scholarship name in any of the essay questions.

Can I use the same essay/letter of recommendation?

Yes! For scholarships that have the same essay questions or letter of recommendation requirements, you can use the same for those scholarships. Some scholarships have specific requirments for these items, so you will want to make those scholarship-specific. 

Do I have to pay tuition before I find out if I received a COB Scholarship?

Yes. All students are responsible for their own financial obligations to the University. If you are awarded a COB Scholarship, the award will come through the Financial Aid Office – however, this will be well after fees are due.

When will I find out if I received a scholarship?

Only applicants who win a scholarship will be notified via email 1-2 months following the closure of applications. You will not be notified if you did not recieve a scholarship. 

What are the amounts of the scholarships?

Scholarship amounts range between $200 -$3,000. The individual amount for an award will be determined by College of Business Scholarship Committee.  Students who are selected to receive a scholarship will be notified of the amount upon receiving the award letter.

Can I qualify for a scholarship without a FAFSA on file with the financial aid office?

We reccommend to have a FAFSA on file when applying to any College of Business scholarships, although you do not need a FAFSA on file for merit based scholarships. However, many scholarships are only granted to students with financial need, so a current FAFSA is required to be on file with FAU's financial aid office in order to qualify for these scholarships. 


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