Minors & Certificates


The College of Business offers opportunities for undergraduate students to enhance their major programs with minors and certificates.

The following pertains to undergraduate academic programs offered for college credit.  For information about non-credit executive education programs, please contact the Office of Executive Education.


MINORS are official programs of study; when completed, they are noted on the student’s official transcript.  You can view a list of all available minors and required courses as well as learn more about minor policies and advising.

CERTIFICATES are noted on the student's transcript, but they do not require the completion of a bachelor’s degree to be recorded. In addition, students receive a document to note the completion of the program.  All students must submit an application for certificate at the end of their second-to-last term at FAU for the certificate to be awarded.  You can view a list of all available certificates and required courses as well as learn more about certificate policies and advising including how to apply for your certificate.


College of Business Minors and Certificates

Click the link in the righthand column to view a program sheet listing all required courses for each minor or certificate. As noted below, some programs are offered only as a minor or only as a certificate while others are offered as both.  Additionally, some programs are not available to all students.

"Business core" majors refers to students pursuing majors in Accounting, Economics with Business concentration, Finance, Hospitality and Tourism Management, International Business, Management, Management Information Systems, and Marketing.

Title Minor or Certificate Availability Program Sheet
Accounting Minor Business-core majors ACCT program sheet
Artificial Intelligence Minor or Certificate All students AI program sheet
Business Administration Minor non-business-core majors BA program sheet
Business Analytics Option for Minor or Certificate All students BUAN program sheet

Business Law

(Click here for Pre-Law)

Minor  All students BLAW program sheet
Casino and Gaming Industry Management Certificate All students CSNO program sheet
Club Management Certificate All students CLUB program sheet
Cybersecurity Option for Minor or Certificate All Students CSIT program sheet
Digital Marketing Option for Minor or Certificate All students DIGM program sheet
Economics Minor All students ECON program sheet
International Economics Minor Students outside COB ECOI program sheet
Entrepreneurship Minor Business-core majors (except MGMT) ENT program sheet
Entrepreneurial Management Minor non-business-core majors ENTM program sheet
Finance Minor Business-core majors FIN program sheet
Financial Technology Option for Minor or Certificate All students FINTECH program sheet
Health Administration Minor All students HEAD program sheet
Healthcare Information Systems Option for Minor or Certificate All students HCIS program sheet
Hospitality and Tourism Management Minor Minor All students HTMG program sheet
Hospitality and Tourism Management Certificate Certificate All students HSMG program sheet
International Business Minor Minor Business core majors (except MGMT and INBU) and BA minors INBU program sheet
International Business Certificate Certificate All students INBS program sheet
Leadership and Human Resource Development Minor All students (except MGMT-LAMS) LDHR program sheet
Meetings and Event Management Certificate All students MEMG program sheet
Management Information Systems Minor All students MIS program sheet
Marketing Minor Business-core majors MKTG program sheet
Operations Management Minor Business majors OPMN program sheet
Real Estate Minor Business-core majors REAL program sheet
Risk Management and Insurance Certificate All students RKMU program sheet


"Business-core majors" refers to students pursuing a major in Accounting, Economics with concentration in Business Economics, Finance, Hospitality, International Business, Management, Management Information Systems, or Marketing.

"Non-business-core majors" refers to all students pursuing a major outside the College of Business as well as Health Administration majors, General Economics majors, and BGS students.

It is not possible to pursue a major and minor in the same subject.


Availability of Minors and Certificates

As noted in the table above, some business minors are available only to students in business core majors while others can be completed by any student.  If you are not a business core major, click the link below to download a quick reference of just the minors and certificates available to you.

Minors and Certificates for Non-Business Core Majors



Pre-law is not an official course of study; however, the Business Law faculty of the School of Accounting, all of whom are experienced attorneys, are available to meet with and counsel students interested in pursuing a career in law.  This service is available to all students regardless of major.  Click here for more information for pre law students.


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