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Overview of Course Information 

The following four courses comprise the Business Analytics (BA) minor or certificate. Three of the courses are specific to Business Analytics concepts and tools, and the fourth course covers database management concepts. Please read the descriptions of each course below for more information.

Course Descriptions

ISM 3116 Introduction to Business Analytics and Big Data

  • Prerequisite: ISM 3011 or ACG 4401
  • This course provides an understanding of the business intelligence processes and techniques used in transforming data to knowledge and value in organizations. Students also develop skills to analyze data using generally available tools

ISM 4117 Data Mining and Predictive Analytics

  • This course introduces the core concepts of data mining (DM), its techniques, implementation and benefits. Also identifies industry branches that most benefit from DM, such as retail, target marketing, fraud protection, health care and science and web and e-commerce. Detailed case studies and using leading mining tools on real data are presented.

ISM 4403 – Advanced Business Analytics

  • Prerequisite: ISM 3116
  • This course provides an in-depth examination of business analytics methods of visualization, data mining, text mining and web mining using various analytical tools. Applications to smaller firms are investigated in a laboratory setting.

ISM 4212 Database Management Systems

  • Prerequisite: ISM 3011 or ACG 4401
  • This course focuses on the development of well-formed databases for the purpose of data management from the initial design of the database to the implementation and query and to the application of database management tools and techniques such as data security for use in business and government organizations.

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Technology Tools Used

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