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Overview of Program Information

Cybersecurity is the study of methods to ensure information and system security. Industry and government need an educated workforce to serve as information and systems security analysts, security and network administrators and more.

Due their extensive expertise and facilities, the departments of Information Technology and Operations Management (in the College of Business), Computer and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (In the College of Engineering and Computer Science) and Mathematical Sciences (in the College of Science) have jointly designed the Cybersecurity Minor and Certificate.

Three tracks, each requiring 12 credits, constitute the minor and certificate:

  • Information Technology (IT), Computer Science (CS) and Mathematical Sciences (MS).
    • For more information about the CS track, reach out to the Computer and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department
    • For more information about the MS track, reach out to the Mathematical Sciences department

Program Sheets

IT Cybersecurity Track

The 12 credits should be completed as follows:

  • (1) IT Core Course and all (3) IT Elective Courses or (1) IT Core Course, (2) IT Elective Courses, & (1) Other Cybersecurity Track Elective
  • A maximum of 3 credits used for the minor may count toward other major requirements. A minimum of two courses (6 credits) must be exclusive to the minor.

IT Core Course

  • ISM 4220 - Business Data Communications (3 credits)

IT Elective Courses

  • ISM 4320 - Introduction to Cybersecurity (3 credits)
  • ISM 4323 - Management of Information Assurance and Security (3 credits)
  • ISM 4324 - Computer Forensics (3 credits)

Other Cybersecurity Track Elective Courses

  • CAP 4623 - Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence
  • CDA 4321 - Introduction to Cryptographic Engineering
  • CIS 4213 - Cyber Physical Systems Security
  • CIS 4367 - Operating Systems Security
  • CNT 4411 - Network and Data Security
  • CAP 3786 - RI: Introduction to Data Science
  • MAD 4605 - Introduction to Coding Theory
  • MAP 4190 - Mathematics of Cybersecurity
  • MAS 4206 - Mathematics for Cryptography

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