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Overview of Course Information

The courses below comprise the Healthcare Information Systems certificate.

You must choose two of three courses from Management Information Systems. These courses focus on aspects of data management and service management.

You must also take the two Healthcare Administration courses listed below, which focus on the healthcare aspects of the program.

Please read the descriptions of each course below for more information.

Management Information Systems Courses

(Select two of the three courses below):
  • ISM 4381 - Healthcare Information Systems. Introduces the fundamentals of information systems used for managerial and clinical support in healthcare, including electronic health records. Covered are the concepts of healthcare delivery systems, their integration with workflow processes and employee and patient management, clinical data collection, storage management and data confidentiality and security.
  • ISM 4041 - Contemporary Issues of Digital Data Management. Covers business processes and frameworks for data collection, storage, retrieval and transfer of digital data. Discusses the various ways through which industry and government compile data for purposes such as marketing, customer relationship management, fraud and crime prevention, e-government, etc. Considers also the business, legal, ethical and social context of data gathering and utilization.
  • MAN 4029 - Service Operations. Examines the nature and role of services, service strategies, new service development, service processes, service errors, technology and innovation, service facility location, layout and the management of service employees. Also focuses on globalization of services and the measurement and management of service quality.

Healthcare Administration Courses

(Select BOTH courses below:)

  • HSA 3111 - Health Delivery Systems. This course examines previous and modern roles of health organizations and of personnel within health systems, current legislation modifying health delivery, and the effectiveness of health delivery to the consumer.
  • HSA 3191 - Technology in Health Care Organizations (Prerequisite: HSA 3111). An introduction to the myriad uses of information technology and information systems in the health care industry. Main subtopics are history, basic technical aspects, patient information, organizational management systems, care delivery systems, technical challenges, confidentiality and other practical challenges, and evaluation strategies.

Program Sheets

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