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Overview of Admissions Requirements 


The program consists of four undergraduate courses (12 credit hours). The tuition for the program is calculated based on the number of credits taken. Current tuition rates can be found on the FAU Controller’s site or in the FAU Catalog.

Length of Minor

The program consists of four undergraduate courses (12 credit hours). We offer courses for this program each Fall and Spring Semester, so the length of the program depends on how many classes you want to enroll in

How to Apply?

There is no criteria for acceptance to the minor programs except for junior or senior standing. If you are an FAU student, you can register for the courses and contact the ITOM Chair or a College of Business Advisor if you have any restrictions in the system.

Completion of Minor

To complete the digital marketing minor, four courses (12 credits) are required, with minimum grades of "C" required in all courses. For non-Business majors, waiver of related prerequisite courses will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Course Schedule

All courses are generally scheduled in Boca Raton campus. Sometimes courses may be scheduled online or on the Davie campus, but it cannot be guaranteed. You can view the schedule of courses on the FAU website - choose the semester you are interested in, College of Business, Information Technology and Operations Management as the department, undergraduate level. To view courses available online, select Online BBA as the department.

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