Transfer Students

Thank you for choosing FAU to continue your educational goals.  The College of Business has prepared the following information to ensure a smooth transfer process for our students. 


Note to Second Bachelor's Students: the following is not required if you already have a bachelor's degree:

  • FLENT (No need to send high school information under step 2)
  • IFP (skip step 5)
  • Orientation (skip step 6)

All other steps below apply to both transfer students and second bachelor's students. 


Steps to Transfer

1: Requirements 2: Apply 3: Celebrate! 4: Activate Account
5: IFP  6: Complete Orientation 7: Advising Appointment 8: Check Holds
9: Registration 10: Parking 11: Owl Card 12: Final Transcripts


Step 1: Review the requirements to declare a major in the College of Business.

We offer eleven majors, six of which can be completed fully online..  

Note that a math placement exam may be required if you are transferring without pre-business math courses completed. You may also utilize the Transfer Evaluation Services (TES) website to get an idea of transferrable courses.

It is recommended that transfer students complete all of the requirements for declaring a major prior to starting at FAU.  

Important Academic Policies

Please visit It is especially important for prospective business majors to be aware of:

  • Limitation on Repeated Courses (max two attempts per course)
  • Limitation on Number of Withdrawals
  • Deadlines to Declare a Major


Step 2: Complete the FAU admissions process.

Send all documentation as required by the Admissions Office.  For accurate academic advising, it is especially important that you submit all of the following educational records prior to meeting with an advisor:

  • Official College/University Transcripts
    • From ALL colleges and universities you previously attended
    • If you’ve earned an Associate in Arts (AA) degree from a Florida public institution, make sure to send your final official transcript showing that your AA degree was awarded and the graduation date.
  • Official score reports from any exams you may have completed for college credit, including but not limited to AP, AICE, CLEP, and DSST
  • Official high school transcript if you took two years of the same foreign language
    • This is one way of satisfying the Foreign Language Admissions Requirement, a necessary step to declare your College of Business major.  Failure to submit proof of foreign language will prohibit declaring any College of Business major. (FLENT is not required for second bachelor's students.)


Step 3: Celebrate!

Congratulations!  Your acceptance letter contains information about your next steps to “Get Owl Done.”  Misplaced your letter?  The information can also be found on the accepted student’s webpage. The following steps highlight information that will be particularly useful in getting ready to register for classes.


Step 4: Activate your MyFAU account.

Once logged in, you may apply for housing, accept financial aid awards, review course offerings, register for classes, check your email, complete your statement of responsibilities and receive FAU alerts. Your FAU Net ID can be found at the bottom of your acceptance letter. Please call the Help Desk at 561-297-3999 for assistance with your MyFAU account. Students should check their FAU email frequently.


Step 5:  Determine which courses you need to complete FAU’s Intellectual Foundation Program (IFP).

  • AA Transfer Students from Florida Public Institutions
    • Congratulations; your official transcript showing an AA degree was awarded with graduation date will waive FAU's IFP
  • Out of state transfers, private school transfers, and FL public transfers who do not plan to earn an AA degree
  • Second bachelor's students
    • The IFP is not required.


Step 6: Complete orientation.

Transfer students:  All transfer students are required to complete online orientation. Interested students can also attend an on campus session. You can contact the Office of New Student Orientation & Transfer Student Services at or 561-297-2733 if you have any questions about orientation. 

Second bachelor's students:  Orientation is not required.


Step 7: Make an advising appointment as soon as you have paid your deposit.

Advising appointments fill up quickly, and you will not be able to register for classes without meeting with an advisor. Advising appointments can be made via Success Network, but if you are not yet active in the Success Network system, do not wait to make your appointment. Please call 561-297-3688 and press 6 to reach us. Our staff will happily assist you with making your first appointment.

The goal of your first advising meeting is to learn what you need to know for your first semester at FAU. Your advisor will provide a New Transfer Registration Plan (NTRP) listing all of your course options for your first term as well as your next steps.

After your initial advising appointment, it is recommended you meet with an advisor at least twice per year--in September and in February. An academic advisor can help you better understand your current credits and how they apply to your chosen program so you can complete your degree in a timely manner and plan ahead. 

Getting your courses preapproved ensures that the credits you earn will apply to your degree and eliminates the possibility of taking a course for credits you have already completed and fulfilled.  It recommended that you:

  • Review your major program sheet.
  • Review your degree audit report (DARS).
  • Review the catalog.
  • Familiarize yourself with the University’s course options and methods for earning credit.   


Step 8: Log into your MYFAU account to ensure that all holds have been released. 

If you find that you have holds on your account that may prevent registration, please contact the office that placed the hold to inquire about how the clear it.


Step 9: Register for classes.

View the academic calendar to find out when registration opens for new transfer students.  Once registration is open and you have cleared all holds, completed orientation, and met with an advisor, you are ready to register for classes! 

How to Register for Classes


Step 10: Register your vehicle with Parking and Transportation Services.


Step 11: Visit the Owl Card Center to obtain your student ID.


Step 12: Send all final official transcripts to Undergraduate Admissions.

Your acceptance to FAU is tentative based on the quality of your academic record at the time your file was reviewed. It is required that students submit all official final transcripts to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions before the first day of classes in order to avoid any future registration holds. Final admission determinations are based on your final high school and/or college transcripts.


To make the transfer process as smooth as possible, follow your step by step transfer guide, and meet with an academic advisor every semester!